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SequoiaDB is the leading distributed database company in China. Since the establishment in 2011, SequoiaDB has been driving the product development with technology, insisting on building an open-source distributed database engines from scratch and focusing on the implementation in financial business. In 2017 and 2018, SequoiaDB is listed in Gartner Database Report, and is one of the first Chinese DBMS vendors listed.

The main products of SequoiaDB include SequoiaDB distributed relational database and SequoiaCM Enterprise content management software.

The application scenarios include distributed online transactions, data lake, distributed content management, and etc.

SequoiaDB now has more than 1000 enterprise customers and community users. SequoiaDB has been deployed on core system of more than 50 major financial institutions, like banking, insurance and security clients of Fortune-500 Level.


• Gartner's database report in 2017 and 2018

• "Excellent Independent Innovation" and "Excellent Innovation Technology" Award of The People's Bank of China "Financial Electronics" magazine

• “National High-tech Enterprise” certification and the core technical capability of the domestic self-developed database recognition

• “Innovative Industry Leading Team” and “Science and Technology Innovation Little Giant Enterprise” of Guangzhou

• The first batch of Guangzhou technology "unicorn" enterprise and "Innovation hero" enterprise

• OSChina Open Source China Open Source Project in 2017 and 2018

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