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Guangzhou Sequoia Software Development Co., Ltd.(Abbreviation:SequoiaDB) is a domestic software manufacturer that specializes in the research and development of distributed database technology. With a vision to become a global leader in the database industry and a mission to explore the fertile ground of data and unleash its full value, the company focuses on developing proprietary foundational software.

Since its establishment in 2012, SequoiaDB has dedicated itself to the research and development of database products, persistently building a native distributed database engine from scratch. In 2017, it became one of the first Chinese vendors to be included in Gartner's database reports, and has consistently been recognized in authoritative reports by Gartner, IDC, Forbes, KPMG, and other internationally renowned institutions.

With the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI), new demands have emerged for database technology. Traditional relational databases are designed for structured data and struggle to meet the flexible data structure requirements of AI applications. Therefore, SequoiaDB, through years of technical accumulation and the application of distributed technology, focuses on constructing semi-structured and unstructured data foundation technologies. The technical features of SequoiaDB are crucial for the development of future AI applications as it effectively addresses the technical deficiencies of traditional relational databases and provides robust support for AI applications.

Through years of customer practice, SequoiaDB has been continuously committed to utilizing distributed databases to solve the challenges of storing and managing massive data. The company has developed core products such as the SequoiaDB distributed database and SequoiaCM content management platform. These products have been successfully deployed and applied in production-scale operations in over 100 large banks and financial institutions. The applications include real-time data lakes, multi-model data lakes, and they have been widely adopted in various sectors such as finance, securities, insurance, government, energy, telecommunications, and transportation. The total number of enterprise users has exceeded 1,000.

The core team members of SequoiaDB primarily come from the former IBM DB2 North America R&D team and Huawei's distributed storage team. With an inherent enterprise-level DNA, the team also includes innovative talents from domestic companies, including Alibaba. It is one of the top enterprise-level distributed database teams in the industry. The core research and technical support centers are located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing, and other cities. Additionally, a North American database laboratory has been established in Toronto, forming an advanced academic ecosystem in collaboration with top global research institutions.


• The first Chinese vendor to be selected in the Gartner's database annual report for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019

• "Excellent Independent Innovation", "Excellent Innovative Technology" and "Outstanding Contribution to Fintech Innovation" by Financial Electronics of the People's Bank of China

• "National High-tech Enterprise" for the recognition of our core technology in the self-developed database

• Excellent Member of Beijing Fintech Industry Alliance

• One of the earliest to pass the industry standard test of Distributed Database Technology--Financial Application Specification

• Forbes’ Top 50 Chinese Enterprise in Science and Technology

• KPMG’s China Leading Fintech 50

• Top 100 Unicorns in the Information Technology Application Innovation Industry by CIWEEK

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