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SequoiaDB is a database provider specialized in distributed databases. As a company of independent research and development, we undertake the mission to tap into the full potential of data and help data thrive. We aspire to be a global leader in the database industry.

Since its establishment in 2012, SequoiaDB has focused on researching and developing database products with persistence in building a native distributed database engine from scratch. In 2017, we became the first Chinese manufacturer to be selected in Gartner’s DBMS reviews and have been named in many prestigious reports globally, including Gantner, IDC, Forbes, and KPMG, for many years in a row.

Through many years of experience working with our clients, SequoiaDB has developed three major products in the pursuit of solutions to massive data storage and management using the distributed database. They are the distributed database of SequoiaDB, the content management platform of SequoiaCM and the lakehouse platform of SequoiaDP. Currently, they are powering the production business of more than 100 large banking and financial institutions with a real-time data lake, multi-modal data lake, lakehouse, etc. Extensive application of our products is achieved in finance, securities, insurance, government, energy, telecommunications, transportation and other fields. Over 1,000 enterprise users are supported by our services.

The core team members of SequoiaDB are outstanding entrepreneur materials mainly from the former IBM DB2 North American R&D team and Huawei distributed storage team. At the same time, innovative entrepreneur talents are recruited from companies like Alibaba. Together they form a top entrepreneurial team of distributed databases in the industry. Our core R&D and technical support centers are based in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Beijing and other cities. Furthermore, the North American Database Laboratory is established in Toronto to integrate with the cutting-edge academic ecology of the world's top research institutions.


• The first Chinese vendor to be selected in the Gartner's database annual report for three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019

• "Excellent Independent Innovation", "Excellent Innovative Technology" and "Outstanding Contribution to Fintech Innovation" by Financial Electronics of the People's Bank of China

• "National High-tech Enterprise" for the recognition of our core technology in the self-developed database

• Excellent Member of Beijing Fintech Industry Alliance

• One of the earliest to pass the industry standard test of Distributed Database Technology--Financial Application Specification

• Forbes’ Top 50 Chinese Enterprise in Science and Technology

• KPMG’s China Leading Fintech 50

• Top 100 Unicorns in the Information Technology Application Innovation Industry by CIWEEK

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