SequoiaCM Enterprise Content Manager
Horizontal Scaling
Unified Management
Free Query
Higher Performance with Lower TCO
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SequoiaDB Multi-Model Database
Distributed OLTP and SQL
High-Performance Distributed Engine
Record/File Dual-Engine Storage
Deep-Integrated with Spark 2.0
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Solution for Big Data Application
History Data Management
Operational Data Lake
Enterprise Content Management
360 View Data
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Enterprise Customers
SequoiaDB is being widely used in enterprises in finance, telecom, government and Internet industries. Clients includes many companies listed in 'Fortune 500' like Minsheng Bank, CGB Bank, Bank of China, China Mobile and China Telecom and Internet listed in NASDAQ like
About Us

SequoiaDB is the first enterprise-level new generation Multi-Model database company in China, and a leading Big Data software/service provider around the world. SequoiaDB accelerate your application in BigData,offering organizations a new generation database platform designed to integrate, store, manage, and search more data than ever before.

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