SequoiaDB is a Multi-Model NewSQL database with distributed OLTP and SQL, real-time query, scaling-out, high-concurrency. SequoiaDB has open-sourced as an enterprise-level commercial product.

SequoiaDB Enterprise may accelerate BigData applications for enterprises.

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Distributed OLTP
Providing distributed OLTP with standard SQL access, distributed transaction and high-performance distributed index.

Distributed Architecture
SequoiaDB is using natively MPP distributed architecture from the kernel database engine, achieving the horizontal scalability and higher performance with the clusters.

Object Storage
SequoiaDB is using JSON (BSON) as the basic data storing structure, which makes the database available for both unstructured data, structured data also semi-structured data.

Block Storage
SequoiaDB provides block storage for files, with this feature, the database can divide large files like images, documents into multiple data blocks and distribute them into different nodes or servers. This is the No.1 choice for ECM systems.

Web-based Management Interface
SequoiaDB provides the fully-armed Web-based management interface and tool, users can manage the data and clusters nodes easier than ever before.

Professional Local Support
SequoiaDB has the top R&D and technical support team in China, providing customers with 7x24 local support and the most professional database services.

About Us

SequoiaDB is the first enterprise-level new generation Multi-Model database company in China, and a leading Big Data software/service provider around the world. SequoiaDB accelerate your application in BigData,offering organizations a new generation database platform designed to integrate, store, manage, and search more data than ever before.

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