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Update Operator Description Information Samples
$inc increase add the given value to the value of specified field. db.foo.bar.update({$inc:{age:25}})
$set set the specified field set the given value to the specified field. db.foo.bar.update({$set:{age:10}})
$unset delete the specified field delete the specified field of object. db.foo.bar.update({$unset:{age:""}})
$addtoset add to set if the given element doesn't exist in the array, then added, otherwise skipped. the object field
must be array type.
$pop pull the last of N values in the array pull the last of N values in the array, the object field must be array type(if N less than 0 means
that delete the first of -N values from the beginning of array).
$pull pull values pull the specified value from the object array, the object element must be array. db.foo.bar.update({$pull:{array:2}})
$pull_all pull array pull each of the elements in the specified array from the object array. the object element must
be array type.
$push push values push the value to the object array, the object element must be array type. db.foo.bar.update({$push:{array:2}})
$push_all push array push each of values in the specified array to the object array, the object element must be array

operator description samples
$gt greater than db.foo.bar.find({age:{$gt:20}})
$gte great than or equal db.foo.bar.find({age:{$gte:20}})
$lt less than foo.bar.find({age:{$lt:20}})
$lte less than or equal db.foo.bar.find({age:{$lte:20}})
$ne not equal db.foo.bar.find({age:{$ne:20}})
$in exist in collection db.foo.bar.find({age:{$in:[20,21]}})
$nin not exist in collection db.foo.bar.find({age:{$nin:[20,21]})
$all all db.foo.bar.find({age:{$all:[20,21]}})
$and and db.foo.bar.find({$and:[{age:20},{name:"Tom"}]})
$not not db.foo.bar.find({$not:{age:20},{name:"Tom"}})
$or or db.foo.bar.find({$or:{age:20},{name:"Tom"}})
$type date type db.foo.bar.find({age:{$type:16}})
$exists exist db.foo.bar.find({age:{$exists:1}})
$elemMatch element match db.foo.bar.find({age:{$elemMatch:20}})
$+Identifier Matching array elements db.foo.bar.find({"array.$2":10})
$size size db.foo.bar.find({array:{$size:3}})
$regex regex db.foo.bar.find({str:{$regex:'dh.*fj',$options:'i'}})

Parameter name Description Example
$project Select the field name to be output, "1" indicates that the output "0" means no output, you can also implement fields. {$project:{field1:1,field:0,aliase:"$field3"}}
$match Select the matching criteria to achieve from a collection of records, quite where the SQL statement. {$match:{field:{$lte:value}}}
$limit Limit the number of records returned. {$limit:10}
$skip Start point control of the result set, the result set that skips the number of records specified. {$skip:5}
$group Achieve grouping of records, similar to SQL's group by statement, "_id" designated group field. {$group:{_id:"$field"}}
$sort Achieve the sort of result set "1" represents Ascending, "-1" for descending. {$sort:{field1:1,field2:-1,...}}

$group Aggregation operator supports the following aggregate functions:
Function name Description
$addtoset Adds the specified field values in the array, the same field value will be added once.
$first Take packet field values in the first record.
$last Take packet field value in the record.
$max Take the maximum value of the packet field.
$min Take the smallest packet field values.
$avg Take the average packet field values.
$push Add all the fields to the array, even if the same array of field values that already exist, and continue to add.
$sum Take the sum of packet field values.
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