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Add Sharding in Cluster

Add master to cluster to complete the configuration of host name and params about master.

It can configure many data replica groups in a cluster, the max configurable is 60000. By adding replica groups, you can take advantage of the physical device for horizontal expansion, Theoretically, SequoiaDB can do linear horizontal scalability.

operation methods:

> var dataRG = db.createRG("datagroup1")
> dataRG.createNode("sdbserver1", 11820, "/opt/sequoiadb/database/data/11820")   
> dataRG.start()

The first command is used to create data replica group, and what different from catalog replica group is that this operation will not create any data node. The param is the name of data replica group.

The second command is used to create a new node in the data replica group, many times as needed to execute this command to create more data nodes.


host : specify the host name of catalog node.

service : specify the service port of catalog node, please ensure this port and the next three ports are unoccupied; for example, if set port 11820, then ensure 11820/11821/11822/11823 are unoccupied.

dbpath: data file path, be used to store catalog data files, please ensure that the data administrator user has write access.(created when installed, dafault sdbadmin).

config : optional param, be used to configure more detail params. the form is json. param list refer to the section database configuration, for example configure the param of log size {logfilesz:64}.

The third command is used to start data replica group, and it will start all the data nodes and provide sercices.

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