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Cluster Operating Mode


Mode means the approach of starting SequoiaDB service. Generally, it is independent mode or cluster mode.

Independent Mode

Independent mode is the briefest mode to start SequoiaDB. It merely needs to start a data node of independent mode before having data service.

Under independent mode, SequoiaDB Database is a independent process which doesn't need to communicate with other clients.All the data is stored in data nodes.

In a database started under independent mode, it is not allowed to split space or replicate data. So it is not recommended to use independent mode if high data security is required.

In a database start under independent mode, there is no catalogue information.

It is recommended to use independent mode in development environment in order to reduce requirement of hard resource.

Cluster Mode

Cluster mode is the standard mode to start SequoiaDB, which require 3 nodes.

Under cluser mode, SequoiaDB needs 3 kinds of roles:

  • data node
  • catalogue node
  • coordinating node

The minimum configuration under cluster mode contains at least one of each kind of roles, which is essential to build a complete cluster mode.

Under cluster mode,client and application can connect to coordinating node directly. Other kind of nodes are invisible to them.

Applications care nothing about the location of data in data nodes. Coord node can analyze request that it receives and automatically send it to relevant data nodes.

Under cluster mode, data set is unvisable to each other.In order to achieve data consistence, the data replication among nodes within a data set is asynchronous.

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