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Now, whether hospitals, clinics, pharmaceutical and health care institutions or health research scholars, they are increasingly dependent on the data for decision-making and judgment. In the era of big data coming, for the health and medical fields, data aggregation, search, analysis will bring new changes.

SequoiaDB database is the best choice of underlying structure of medical big data and medical information platform.




Medical information and medical data

Medical information and medical data can be said to be the medical system in China to modernization, and truly the only way which must be passed Internet plus ". Among them, a total of three areas need to be fully upgraded:

1) Medical information: at present, many domestic medical institutions, is still not a complete information from the registration to drug records, diagnosis system, payment system and patient health information, many still maintain the traditional way of transfer paper materials. Therefore, it is necessary to realize the electronic and information system of medical institutions, and to realize the linkage integration of these systems.

Therefore, the medical information system, need a powerful data platform, on the one hand, to integrate all the different systems, will present all information online offline; on the other hand also need to ensure the real-time and high performance medical information system.

2) Medical data: in the medical information technology, electronic at the same time, for medical institutions and medical systems, big data will be the inevitable choice. Medical big data, on the one hand, including the mass storage of medical / health information after medical information, on the other hand is the analysis of large amounts of data, mining. Thus, it achieves the integration and optimization of medical resources, intelligent diagnosis, remote consultation, public health testing and forecasting.

3) Cross-department healthcare information integration platform. In the future, when the wisdom city of the government is developed continuously, integration of higher level will be made according to the medical information system along with the popularity of personal mobile health wearable devices, networking equipment.

On the one hand, personal wearable devices, will better provide each individual health monitoring and inspection in real time, real-time remote health; on the other hand, the medical system will be integrated into a large data network government, health information as information index every one of the people, to help the government and medical institutions better to understand the health condition of the people, can also grasp the risk control of public health applications. At the same time, medical information and Medicare social security, insurance and pharmaceutical supply linkage, will greatly simplify the process of medical treatment, public health care.

Technology needs and pain points of medical information / medical big data

In the face of the future business needs of these medical systems, IT and big data technology put forward several core needs and pain points:

1) Massive data offline online real-time: medical data from the huge number, from independent offline storage or LAN, transferred to the database, realize on-line, real-time, ensure medical history vast amounts of information and data can be real-time query and real-time operation.

2) Analysis of the total amount of medical data: in addition to the full amount of storage, massive medical data need to perform high performance analysis and mining. Through the analysis of different dimensions and different types, we can find out the real value of these medical data.

3) The integration of cross platform data: now the face of health care system in the "lack of coordination" of "information island", you need a support cross platform, cross platform data integration between business management, eliminating the "information island". Really implement sharing and interaction of the system and data.

4) Non-structural semi structured data storage: data of medical system in addition to traditional structured data, there are many more such as MRI images, audio and video for unstructured information, as well as inspection reports, medical records, drug information these semi mixed data structure. Traditional architecture cannot achieve high performance storage, which is one of the bottlenecks hindering the medical information.

Sequoia big data platform cases

360 degree health view

Medical institutions store a large number of patient data, including medical records, medical history, as well as the inspection of MRI images, laboratory reports, etc.. This includes a variety of structured, unstructured and semi-structured data types. Want to achieve 360 degree patient health view, now the system is independent of each other, lack of centralization caused by the data description is not comprehensive, also cannot be based on the overall data analysis of patients.

Large medical institutions using the SequoiaDB data of a database was built based 360 degree view health platform, users can make medical institutions truly an application to achieve a 360 degree view of health, SequoiaDB can produce various aggregation of patients, doctors, suppliers and laboratory and other aspects of the data, unified data integration data stored by the Lake "" the final construction of a 360 degree view of the health of patients.

Through the use of SequoiaDB, the mechanism of the successful integration of the medical information data the 100TB level, success will be in hospital from registration, treatment, prescription, medicine, payment, hospital information system realizes the integration of each system data sharing is realized, but also greatly enhances the efficiency of the doctor's patient.


360 degree health view

Prediction and control of public health surveillance

The government public health and epidemic prevention departments, through the integration of historical data over the years, the epidemic occurrence of public health events, public life data combined with the same period of meteorological information, the flow of population, medicine and life of the sale of goods and many other dimensions, through data analysis, data mining, to explore the relationship between different data index. Finally, through the correlation, the future epidemic situation and public health events can be predicted and controlled.

A city in the local government, the construction of a new generation of public health information platform, SequoiaDB giant sequoia database provides massive data storage, the history of the full amount of health data storage, at the same time, but also integrates multi channels and multi type data, using the data structure of flexible implementation of unified data storage. SequoiaDB based on the integration of large data platform, using big data to change the government's public health and epidemic prevention work.


Public health monitoring and early warning platform

Personal health monitoring and early warning

SequoiaDB database, through the high performance, mass storage, real-time call, just to meet the demand of IOT based personalized health monitoring and early warning platform for real-time computing, real-time query, mass storage.

At present, a Shenzhen City intelligent hardware brand uses the SequoiaDB database as the back-end data of the Sequoia intelligent health equipment store.


Wearable health device function sample

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