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Internet companies to achieve rapid iterative innovation

The Internet industry urgently needs a new generation of database.

The Internet industry is now the fastest growing industry, the entire Internet market, such as the number of innovative products, market size and the amount of users, is growing rapidly. Internet applications, business innovation at the same time, we need to rely on a large number of technical platforms. From the electricity supplier to the community, from mobile applications to search engines, behind every Internet product has a huge technical platform to support its operation, and this technology platform is the most basic guarantee of product experience. In the technology platform, data storage is the core of the core, the traditional data storage has been more than 30 years of history, has been unable to meet the needs of these new platforms. So the Internet industry urgently needs a new generation of database platform.

Business challenges

The characteristics of Internet applications have brought several important challenges.

1) Large amount of data, due to the scale of Internet applications, will produce a large amount of data, these data for Internet applications have a high value, but it will bring great pressure to the back-end platform.

2) The business grows fast, and the growth of Internet applications tend to be exponential. Some applications will be less than ten thousand growths in the user within a week. These rapid business growth has also brought great challenges to the evolution of the back-end platform.

3) Various data types, Internet applications, on the one hand, facing the diversification of the device terminal, on the one hand, the provision of business services is also diverse. Therefore, the resulting data is complex and diverse, it is not easy to want to manage these data well.

4) The performance cost ratio is required to be controlled. To internet applications, especially entrepreneurial team, cost control can be said to be the survival of the traditional storage, the cost is too high, it is difficult to be accepted by these teams.

Technical challenges

Faced with these four key requirements, technically, the traditional database program cannot be well qualified:

1) Centralized storage: take a single point due to the current traditional database architecture, cannot be extended in transverse distributed case, longitudinal expansion is limited to the machine, which greatly limits the amount of data stored in the database platform. At the same time, the single point of storage at deployment time has fixed storage space for Internet applications change fast, unable to realize the dynamic adjustment, greatly reducing the background system and the flexibility of products.

2) Data schema fixed: the traditional database, due to the different purposes, the data structure must be designed in advance, for Internet applications, greatly increasing the time cost of system construction. At the same time, in the face of the requirement of complex data types of the Internet, the traditional "table" storage scheme, the performance of the system will decline sharply under the condition of multi table Association, which will seriously affect the performance of the system.

3) Huge cost: besides previously mentioned time cost, because the single point vertical expansion of the traditional database upgrade cost is growing exponentially, for Internet Co, which is a huge cost, is not conducive to the rapid development of the company.

Faced with these challenges, the current trend of the industry is distributed, big data, complex data integration".

The Sequoia database to solve pain points

SequoiaDB database is a new generation of distributed NewSQL database, can be said to watch the pain points of Internet applications:

1) Distributed storage: SequoiaDB uses distributed storage, can expand the level of the database system, to achieve almost unlimited storage capacity. At the same time, the storage capacity of the database can be adjusted dynamically, so as to meet the requirement of Internet application.

2) Flexible storage: data structure of SequoiaDB no longer use the table structure, data structure of the new generation can store any type of data, the complex multi type data unified storage, greatly enhance the performance and efficiency of Internet applications.

3) Lower ost and Higher Performance: ecause of distributed storage, the use of minicomputers to build a cluster can achieve the capacity expansion and massive data storage. Compared to the expansion of investment in the past exponential growth, SequoiaDB distributed cluster in the premise of improving the performance of the Internet is also a significant savings in the cost of the Internet team critical.

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