360 Degree Data View



Business Background

For all industries and businesses, under the present requirement of big data, the 360 view for data of the full amount of users、locations、 equipment and assets, etc is particularly important. Comprehensive analysis for data is required in any field,from the user to the hospital patients, from advertising to investment projects, from the brand to the military resources. Therefore, "360 degree data view" of this enterprise level big data application is to provide big data application operative platform which is available to display, analyze, statistics with multi dimension and multi level data for enterprises.

At present, the traditional data analysis is more inclined to the model of "modeling before analysis", the data modeling is conducted for the subject first before analysis and presentation. It is unable to explore new correlation without modeling. In the face of big data requirements of "total quantity"、 "mix"、"correlation"  demands, the integrated storage platform which is available to mix and storage multiple data is required, unifying the management for the total data and being provided for data analysis.




Faced with these requirements, the traditional data structure faces many challenges.

· Storage cannot reach the full quantity, due to the limitations of traditional data storage, data storage capacity expansion cost is very high, and it is unable to store multiple types of data, the strict definition of stored data is required. Therefore, in the face of the needs of big data, the traditional structure cannot achieve the real "full quantity" in the two aspects of data size and multi types.

· Traditional data analysis requires manual data processing, pre modeling, classification, etc. This also causes the core of the big data cannot be achieved, that is to find the correlativity via the full quantity of data. As a result, the traditional data analysis is facing enormous pressure on talents, because data modeling and classification can be undertaken by the experts who has deep understanding on both technology and business, it also greatly increases the on-line difficulty of enterprise data analysis from the other side.

· The system data are independent for each other, because in the traditional data structure, there is a separate system for different business scenarios. Therefore, the failure of integrated storage on the data crossing the business forms "data silos".

· Big data analysis performance of traditional database is poor, supporting the traditional database, the relational database based traditional data structure is poor on the performance for   new generation big data analysis structure Spark、Hadoop,etc which is unable to support massive computing.

With the continuous reduction of hardware equipment costs, continuous improvement of performance, Great changes have taken place in the IT structure, transferring from the traditional concept of "saving equipment space" to the "distributed" "clustering" and so on a new generation of structure.

Construction of 360 data views based on SequoiaDB

Sequoia DB is a new generation of distributed NewSQL database, its technical features can perfectly meet the application requirements of 360 degree data view.

· 360 degree data view of Sequoia DB adopt Sequoia DB database as the core storage. Because Sequoia DB uses a distributed structure, the horizontal expansion of data capacity enables the data storage management to be achieved easily.

· Multi types of data, due to the flexible data model of SequoiaDB protogene, almost all types of data can be stored, unifying the storage and management on these multiple types of data, combined with mass data storage, not only ensure the "total quantity" but also ensure that the "multi type".

· Database protogene is supports big data analysis structure; data link can be obtained by ways of data analysis modeling and machine learning.

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