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SequoiaDB V 2.8 Released Highly Increasing for Unstructured Data Management

Mar. 1, 2016

SequoiaDB 2.8 version has been released recently, SequoiaDB 2.8 version has added a lot of new features especially for unstructured data processing and management. The latest release version provides higher performance and stability.

The following are the major new features for SequoiaDB 2.8:

1. Unstructured Data Management

In SequoiaDB 2.8, we’ve optimized the block storage engine a lot, making a comprehensive increasing for performance , stability and usability. New features for unstructured data management include:

• United management of metadata and content data, and independentprocessing session for metadata and content data respectively, enhance the usability.

• LOB engine for unstructured data has increased 50% of the processing performance.

• Strengthen the processing for mass small files, and reduce a lot of the redundancy when files numbers increasing fast.

2. Database HA and Security

SequoiaDB 2.8 has added a lot new features for HA and data security, features include:

• Archiving for synchronizing log files, with compression and overdue log clearing.

• Dirty pages brushing regularly or quantificationally.

• Manually brush for data and logs.

3. Management Tools

SequoiaDB 2.8 has also done a updated for the web-based management tool and monitoring tools:

• Web monitoring for nodes and shardings.

• Web monitoring for contexts, transactions, sessions.

• Web monitoring for machine RAM and disks.

• Web-based deployment configuration can be set as an optional deployment plan.

About Us

SequoiaDB is a financial-level distributed database vendor and is the first Chinese database listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant OPDBMS report. SequoiaDB has recently released version 3.0.
SequoiaDB is now penetrating the vertical sector Financial Industry quickly and had more than 50 banking clients and hundreds of enterprise customers in industries including government, telecommunication, Internet and IoT.

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