SequoiaDB 2.0 Release Accelerate Enterprise Applications

Jun. 19, 2016

SequoiaDB 2.0 Enterprise Edition officially released for the majority of users with new enterprise feature.

SequoiaDB 2.0 provides a complete distributed OTPL feature, making it an Ace choice for enterprise database need. Also after integrated with the latest Spark 2.0, SequoiaDB 2.0 provides a stable big data storage with in-memory computing framework, accelerating enterprise data business.

Distributed OLTP:

• Distributed Standard SQL Access: SequoiaDB uses JSON as internal storage format, but SequoiaDB integrates a distributed SQL engine called SequoiaSQL, which supports standard SQL2003. That means users can seamlessly migrate their legacy online application from traditional database to SequoiaDB.

• Distributed Transactions: SequoiaDB implements the basic functionality of distributed OLTP through several mechanisms, such as locks, 2PC, HA, and more.

• Distributed high-performance Indexing: SequoiaDB is in the distributed architecture, providing local B-Tree index.

Dual-Engine Storage:

In addition to the JSON record storage engine, SequoiaDB 2.0 also provides a distributed file storage engine (block storage model) that can store unstructured data, such like images and video. It is optimized to store large amount of small files.

With SequoiaDB-based record / file dual storage engine, users can build a new generation of distributed enterprise content management platform, replacing the original IBM CM8, EMC Documentum and other expensive centralized content management software.

As a distributed Multi-Model database, SequoiaDB is the first distributed OLTP database that used by numbers of Global Fortune 500 customers. Many users in China start considering using distributed technology to implement their internet-applications, which is accessed by a large amount of customers at same time. For example, ICBC, the largest bank in the world, are going to implement internet-core-banking application based on distributed technology.

About Us

SequoiaDB is the first enterprise-level new generation Multi-Model database company in China, and a leading Big Data software/service provider around the world. SequoiaDB accelerate your application in BigData,offering organizations a new generation database platform designed to integrate, store, manage, and search more data than ever before.

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