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Release Note

SequoiaDB database is a kind of new corporation distributed non-relation database. It helps corporation to reduce IT cost, and provides a steady, dependable, efficient and flexible underlying platform.

SequoiaDB V 1.10 Release note

Interface change:
  • Add Python driver
  • Add LOB's C++, Java ,C# and Python driver.
  • Node started by sdbcm/sdbstart will switch to SequoiaDB installing account automatically.
  • Sdb object adds db.createCoordRG()、db.getCoordRG()、db.removeCoordRG()、db.getCatalogRG()、collection.findOne()、collection.putLob()、collection.getLob()、collection.deleteLob()、collection.listLobs()
Main features
  • Large Object (LOB) R/W function, supports storing data larger than 16MB (like images, films).
  • Automatic installation and deployment, web-based installing guide.
  • Add findOne() interface, improve query performance.
  • Field fixed of access plan, add Run: true/false to decide whether an access plan need to process.
  • Provides cluster data consistency check function.
  • Provides forceSession function.
  • Add invalidateCache that allows users to clear cache information of a node externally.
  • Coord adds the Catalog management, and can create new Coord using a Coord.
  • Use sdb tool to connect cm directly, it can create standalone, coord and om nodes, and can start/stop nodes as well.
  • Optimize the storage process, add function that storage process inherit authentication information of current session, and errors in storage process can be get from sdb.
  • SequoiaDB will automatic switch to sdbadmin when operate in root account.
  • Transaction optimizing of master node election, decrease replicas, exit and start.
  • Regular expression start with ^ will match the index, like in SQL statement can match the index as well.
  • Optimizing of sdblist, sdbstart and sdbstop
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  • 2015-02-15

About Us

SequoiaDB is a financial-level distributed database vendor and is the first Chinese database listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant OPDBMS report. SequoiaDB has recently released version 3.0.
SequoiaDB is now penetrating the vertical sector Financial Industry quickly and had more than 50 banking clients and hundreds of enterprise customers in industries including government, telecommunication, Internet and IoT.

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