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SequoiaDB Error Code List

Description Error Code
IO Exception -1
Out of Memory -2
Permission Error -3
File Not Exist -4
File Exist -5
Invalid Argument -6
Invalid size -7
Interrupt -8
Hit end of file -9
System error -10
No space is left on disk -11
EDU status is not valid -12
Timeout error -13
Database is quiesced -14
Network error -15
Network is closed from remote -16
Database is in shutdown status -17
Application is forced -18
Given path is not valid -19
Unexpected file type specified -20
There's no space for DMS -21
Collection already exists -22
Collection does not exist -23
User record is too large -24
Record does not exist -25
Remote overflow record exists -26
Invalid record -27
Storage unit need reorg -28
End of collection -29
Context is already opened -30
Context is closed -31
Option is not supported yet -32
Collection space already exists -33
Collection space does not exist -34
Storage unit file is invalid -35
Context does not exist -36
More than one fields are array type -37
Duplicate key exist -38
Index key is too large -39
No space can be found for index extent -40
Index key does not exist -41
Hit max number of index -42
Failed to initialize index -43
Collection is dropped -44
Two records get same key and rid -45
Duplicate index name -46
Index name does not exist -47
Unexpected index flag -48
Hit end of index -49
Hit the max of dedup buffer -50
Invalid predicates -51
Index does not exist -52
Invalid hint -53
No more temp collections are avaliable -54
Exceed max number of storage unit -55
$id index can't be dropped -56
Log was not found in log buf -57
Log was not found in log file -58
Replication group does not exist -59
Replication group exists -60
Invalid request id is received -61
Session ID does not exist -62
System EDU cannot be forced -63
Database is not connected -64
Unexpected result received -65
Corrupted record -66
Backup has already been started -67
Backup is not completed -68
Backup is in progress -69
Backup is corrupted -70
No primary node was found -71
Requested node does not exist -72
Engine help argument is specified -73
Invalid connection state -74
Invalid handle -75
Object does not exist -76
Listening port is already occupied -77
Unable to listen the specified address -78
Unable to connect to the specified address -79
Connection does not exist -80
Failed to send -81
Timer does not exist -82
Route info does not exist -83
Broken msg -84
Invalid net handle -85
Invalid reorg file -86
Reorg file is in read only mode -87
Collection status is not valid -88
Collection is not in reorg state -89
Replication group is not activated -90
Node does not belong to the group -91
Collection status is not compatible -92
Incompatible version for storage unit -93
Version is expired for local group -94
Invalid page size -95
Version is expired for remote group -96
Failed to vote for primary -97
Log record is corrupted -98
LSN is out of boundary -99
Unknown mesage is received -100
Updated information is same as old one -101
Unknown message -102
Empty heap -103
Node is not primary -104
Not enough number of data nodes -105
Catalog information does not exist on data node -106
Catalog version is expired on data node -107
Catalog version is expired on coordinator node -108
Exceeds the max group size -109
Failed to sync log -110
Failed to replay log -111
Invalid HTTP header -112
Failed to negotiate -113
Failed to change DPS metadata -114
SME is corrupted -115
Application is interrupted -116
Application is disconnected -117
Character encoding errors -118
Failed to query on coord node -119
Buffer array is full -120
Sub context is conflict -121
EOC message is received by coordinator node -122
Size of DPS files are not the same -123
Invalid DPS log file -124
No resource is avaliable -125
Invalid LSN -126
Pipe buffer size is too small -127
Catalog authentication failed -128
Full sync is in progress -129
Failed to assign data node from coordinator node -130
PHP driver internal error -131
Failed to send the message -132
Unable to find the group information on catalog -133
Remote-node is disconnected -134
Unable to find the catalog information -135
Failed to update catalog -136
Unknown request operation code -137
Group information cannot be found on coordinator node -138
DMS extent is corrupted -139
Remote cluster manager failed -140
Remote database services have been stopped -141
Service is starting -142
Service has been started -143
Service is restarting -144
Node already exists -145
Node does not exist -146
Unable to lock -147
DMS state is not compatible with current command -148
Database rebuild is already started -149
Database rebuild is in progress -150
Cache is empty on coordinator node -151
Evalution failed with error -152
Group already exist -153
Group does not exist -154
Node does not exist -155
Failed to start the node -156
Invalid node configuration -157
Group is empty -158
The operation is for coord node only -159
Failed to operate on node only -160
The mutex job already exist -161
The specified job does not exist -162
The catalog information is corrupted -163
$shard index can't be dropped -164
The command can't be run in the node -165
The command can't be run in the serice plane -166
The group info not exist -167
Group name is conflict -168
The collection is not sharded -169
The record does not contains valid sharding key -170
A task that already exists does not compatible with the new task -171
The collection does not exists on the specified group -172
The specified task does not exist -173
The record contains more than one sharding key -174
The mutex task already exist -175
The split key is not valid or not in the source group -176
The unique index must include all fields in sharding key -177
Sharding key cannot be updated -178
Authority is forbidden -179
There is no catalog address specified by user -180
Current record has been removed -181
No records can be matched for the search condition -182
Index page is reorged and the pos got different lchild -183
Duplicate field name exists in the record -184
Too many records to be inserted at once -185
Sort-Merge Join only supports equal predicates -186
Trace is already started -187
Trace buffer does not exist -188
Trace file is not valid -189
Incompatible lock -190
Rollback operation is in progress -191
Invalid record is found during import -192
Repeated variable name -193
Column name is ambiguous -194
SQL syntax error -195
Invalid transactional operation -196
Append to lock-wait-queue -197
Record is deleted -198
Index is dropped or invalid -199
Unable to create new catalog when there's already one exists -200
Failed to parse JSON file -201
Failed to parse CSV file -202
Log file size is too large -203
Unable to remove the last node in a group -204
Unable to clean up catalog, manual cleanup may be required -205
Unable to remove catalog for non-empty database -206
Group does not exist -207
Unable to remove non-empty group -208
End of queue -209
Unable to split because of no sharding index exists -210
The parameter field does not exist -211
Too many break points are specified -212
All prefetchers are busy -213
Domain does not exist -214
Domain already exists -215
Group is not in domain -216
Sharding type is not hash -217
split percentage is lower then expected -218
Task is already finished -219
Collection is in loading status -220
Rolling back load operation -221
RouteID is different from the local -222
Service already exists -223
Field is not found -224
csv field line end -225
Unknown file type -226
Exporting configuration does not complete in all nodes -227
Empty non-primary node -228
Secret value for index file does not match with data file -229
Engine version argument is specified -230
Help argument is specified -231
Version argument is specified -232
Stored procedure does not exist -233
Unable to remove collection partition -234
Duplicated attach collection partition -235
Invalid partitioned-collection -236
New boundary is conflict with the existing boundary -237
Invalid boundary for the shard -238
Hit the high water mark -239
Backup already exists -240
Backup does not exist -241
Invalid collection partition -242
Task is canceled -243
Sharding type must be ranged partition for partitioned-collection -244
There is no valid sharding-key defined -245
Operation is not supported on partitioned-collection -246
Redefine index -247
Dropping the collection space is in progress -248
Hit the limit of maximum number of nodes in the cluster -249
The node is not in normal status -250
Node information is expired -251
Failed to wait for the sync operation from secondary nodes -252
Transaction is disabled -253
Data source is running out of connection pool -254
Too many opened file description -255
Domain is not empty -256
The data received by REST is larger than the max size -257
Failed to build bson object -258
Stored procedure arguments are out of bound -259
Unknown REST command -260
Failed to execute command on data node -261
The domain is empty -262
Changing password is required -263
One or more nodes did not complete successfully -264
There is another OM Agent running with different version -265
Task does not exist -266
Task is rolling back -267
LOB sequence does not exist -268
LOB is not useable -269
Data is not in UTF-8 format -270
Task failed -271
Lob does not open -272
Lob has been open -273
Node is in restoring -274
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SequoiaDB is a financial-level distributed database vendor and is the first Chinese database listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant OPDBMS report. SequoiaDB has recently released version 3.0.
SequoiaDB is now penetrating the vertical sector Financial Industry quickly and had more than 50 banking clients and hundreds of enterprise customers in industries including government, telecommunication, Internet and IoT.

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