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Catalog Node


Catalog node is a kind of logical node, which stores the metadata of a database system instead of data of other users.

Catalog node includes 4 space collections:

  • SYSCAT system catalog contains 4 system collections:

    Collection Name Descripton
    SYSCOLLECTIONS store user collection information in the cluster
    SYSCOLLECTIONSPACES store user collection space information in the cluster
    SYSNODES store information of logic nodes and replsets in the cluster
    SYSTASKS store information of background-runnning tasks in the cluster
  • SYSTEMP system temporary collection space is used to create at most 4096 temporary

  • SYSAUTH system validation collection space contains a user colleciton, which stores information of all the users in current system

    Collection Name Descripton
    SYSUSRS stores all the user information in the cluster
  • SYSPROCEDURES collection space system stored procedure that contains a collection of all of the stored procedures for storing function information

    Collection Name Descripton
    SYSPROCEDURES save all the information stored procedure function

Except for catalog nodes, all the other nodes in the cluster don't store any global metadata information in the disk memory. When users want to visit data on other nodes, the system will find collection information from local cache. If it is not found, the system will search for it in catalog nodes.

Catalog nodes contacts with other nodes mainly through catalog service port(catalogname parameter).

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