Financial Counter Monitoring System



Business background:

As the financial market of managers and operators, in order to ensure the compliance management of the legitimate rights and interests of customers and banks need to strictly observe the business management, risk and compliance audit and supervision of "three line" key areas, strict fortification, more emphasis on process management and behavior management in business network cash areas, financial products and consignment sales the process of full implementation of synchronized audio and video recording, recorded the whole process of business management, the video data for at least 5 years, to strengthen the monitoring of employee behavior.

Counter Service Monitor (CSM) is a financial transaction recording, video, screen recording and monitoring system to the new system of monitoring data, as the main character, with a large number of operations to video indexing and analysis to traditional behavior, supplement the traditional video to the user screen video screen video, MI, will video surveillance video, log and business integration, to help users achieve monitoring query positioning, analysis, alarm and management.

The main process includes financial counter customer risk rating, customer reservation, customer information registration, risk warning, purchase, review audit, in the process to record business clear process in handling business and business operation system in the whole process of desktop video service, for the need to fill in the user information, transaction information, product information. The operating personnel information, risk identification of trading tips, as well as the most important customer site to confirm the audio information.

Technical challenges

The financial Counter Monitoring system is mainly based on unstructured data, especially audio and video files. The main technical challenge is:

· High concurrency: double record provides business teller clerk in the real-time audio and video recording, data upload operation time is relatively concentrated, relatively concentrated.

· Single data file is larger: as a single data file is larger, so the system's online services and bandwidth requirements.

· The overall system storage capacity is big: audio and video data storage space in the system is very large, the cost increased year by year.

· Long retention time: as the business regulatory requirements, the need for data retention time for reference.

Technical advantages of SequoiaCM

SequoiaCM is a new generation of distributed database, which is mainly used to store and manage massive unstructured data. SequoiaCM, through the new storage mode and distributed storage architecture, the perfect solution to the enterprise storage and management of massive unstructured data facing technical challenges and pain points. The main technical features of SequoiaCM are as follows:

Record / file storage dual engine, adaptation of its structure is wider.

• Enable to describe the relational structure, to maximize the retention of existing SQL application assets; can also describe non relational structures, such as K/V and class wide table.

• nable to store unstructured files with structured descriptors instead of index + file storage

• Properly reduce the dimension of the paradigm and reduce the complexity of JOIN operations

· Primary index support

· Richer enterprise data storage management capabilities

• Unique support block storage engine that can be applied with larger file storage

• Multiple copies mechanism can avoid the huge mass storage caused by the backup problem again

· Support remote cluster data recovery

Build the financial Counter Monitoring system based on SequoiaCM

The financial Counter Monitoring system based on SequoiaCM has advantages including:

• Unique LOB large object storage mechanism can be a good deal with a large amount of structured and unstructured data, especially a large number of small file processing capabilities;

• Provide convenient data entry and synchronization tools, including high-speed full volume and incremental import tools, as well as support the current common data synchronization tools, such as CDC and Goldengate;

• Support distributed access functions, especially provide high concurrency and low latency query capabilities, and support for efficient multi-table association query processing;

• To solve the problem of distributed storage of massive structured data, to achieve the level of the expansion of hundreds of nodes, dynamic expansion;

• Enterprise data management capabilities, architecture and development is simple, stable and reliable operation, maintenance workload is small. 

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