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With the development of technology, traffic and public security system has entered the era of "big data", so in the image and video data, RFID, GPS, portrait model, signaling, social position data acquisition is increasing year by year; data integration and series contains tremendous value in the public security police traffic; and "big data" has been accumulated and develop massive collection, processing, storage, mining and sharing has accumulation and development.

New security and counter-terrorism situation also need real-time intelligent transportation solutions.

Needs for the Platform

General policies of construction:

•Technical measures are taken to further strengthen monitoring the moving people, vehicles, objects, and special scenes.

•Integrate various data and resources, as well as improve early warning capabilities and achieve rapid response.

Specific measures and objectives:

-  Establish province's millions of information collection points, including: Bayonet camera, public WiFi, mobile phone signal and audio etc.

-  Establish security big data platform, intelligent vehicle information tracking, face recognition, ID flow of information, IP address and GIS mobile devices and many other information collection, correlation, comparison, real-time query, statistics and report early warning index

Application scenarios:




1) Large amount of data

• The present public security system produces large amount of structured data every day, and ultimately need to be aggregated to large data platform, the existing new data: 100GB/ weeks

• There are huge newly-added bayonet cameras; a large number of videos and pictures are generated every day, needing appropriate storage methods and easy to access

• Unstructured data needs to be extracted into structured data into other databases for subsequent analysis and processing.

2) Many quantity type

• A variety of equipment, multi types of information generated. The difference between structured and unstructured data

• High requirements for real-time processing and real-time query; high concurrency

• Traditional IT Technology (minicomputers, servers, storage, independent Oracle) purchase, maintenance is expensive

• Oracle+NAS has backward architecture, the data exchange and integration is not convenient.

The final solution tends to server cluster and distributed technology, the capacity can be laterally extended SequoiaCM solution.

SequoiaCM technical advantages

SequoiaCM is a new generation of distributed database, which is mainly used to store and manage massive unstructured data. SequoiaCM, through the new storage mode and distributed storage architecture, the perfect solution to the enterprise storage and management of massive unstructured data facing technical challenges and pain points.

The main advantages of SequoiaCM include:

• Flexible storage structure: SequoiaCM to support the unified management of unstructured content data and metadata, through the dual engine mechanism, can also support small files and large file storage management;

• High performance: SequoiaCM has more than traditional content management software data processing performance. SequoiaCM can effectively improve the efficiency of the system, and ensure the rapid retrieval and real-time query of the data through the efficient partition and distributed storage, data compression, redundancy reduction, read and write separation mechanism;

• Elastic expansion: SequoiaCM uses a distributed storage architecture, the elastic expansion of the storage node, the rapid response to incremental data capacity expansion needs;

• Reduced costs: SequoiaCM uses a high storage density PC server instead of the traditional "small machine + high-end storage" configuration, allowing users to reduce the cost of the original 1/5. At the same time, SequoiaCM flexible storage structure and efficient data management mechanism to reduce the complexity of the operation and maintenance, greatly saving the cost of management.

Build platform advantages based on SequoiaCM

As the basis of the system of intelligent management platform for big data in the public security system, SequoiaCM is used for a variety of data collection, processing, storage, security system. Including image, video, RFID, GPS, portrait model, location signaling, social data and other information. The main features of the platform include:

Simple system architecture

-  Collect advantages of others’ similar products, with low cost and high performance;

-  Data loading, storage and analysis architecture are loosely coupled to solve the system congestion problem;

Convenient development and maintenance

-  Flexible use of various analytical tools;

-  SQL versatility is high, suitable for police officers to flexibly query on demand.

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