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SequoiaDB Listed in 2016 Big Data Landscape of Firstmark

Jun. 25, 2016

In Firstmark’s 2016 Big Data Landscape, we can see the whole picture of the global big data ecosystem, and all the companies and products that recognized as one of the ecosystem.

SequoiaDB has been listed in the landscape this year for the first time. Among hundreds of products in the landscape, SequoiaDB is the only Chinese company and is also the first Chinese product that listed in the landscape for all these years.

The recognition of Firstmark, indicates the success of SequoiaDB in technology innovation,regional market share and the maturity of enterprise solutions.

The following is the innovation features that SequoiaDB shows:

1.Leading Innovation in Tech

1) Distributed OLTP

As a distributed Multi-Model database, SequoiaDB is the first one providing distributed OLTP feature in China. Comparing with other competitors from U.S, like MongoDB, Cassandra and other famous NoSQL database are not able to provide such feature till now.

Highlighted features include:

• Distributed Standard SQL Access: SequoiaDB uses JSON as internal storage format, but SequoiaDB integrates a distributed SQL engine called SequoiaSQL, which supports standard SQL2003. That means users can seamlessly migrate their legacy online application from traditional database to SequoiaDB.

• Distributed Transactions: SequoiaDB implements the basic functionality of distributed OLTP through several mechanisms, such as locks, 2PC, HA, and more.

• Distributed High-performance Indexing: SequoiaDB is in the distributed architecture, providing local B-Tree index.

2) Multi-Model Storage:

For storage engine, SequoiaDB uses JSON document-oriented data storage model. JSON-based storage is perfect for integrating the heterogeneous data within the enterprise provides a standard way.

In addition to the JSON record storage engine, SequoiaDB also provides a distributed file storage engine (block storage model) that can store unstructured data, such like images and video. It is optimized to store large amount of small files.

2. Innovation in Enterprise Solutions and Applications

As a distributed Multi-Model database, SequoiaDB is the first distributed OLTP database that used by numbers of Global Fortune 500 customers. Many users in China start considering using distributed technology to implement their internet-applications, which is accessed by a large amount of customers at same time. For example, ICBC, the largest bank in the world, are going to implement internet-core-banking application based on distributed technology.

SequoiaDB is wildly used by many customers. Applications and Scenarios include:

1) Distributed OLTP Database:

• Historical Data Management and ODS Replacement: With the SequoiaDB distributed database, massive historical data can be accessed by online and real-time applications. SequoiaDB is also a good replacement for ODS system.

• Operational Data Lake: SequoiaDB ‘s multi-model storage, as data lake, is fit for a number of business systems to provide a unified data storage management platform to break the data silos within systems.

• Unloading Production Systems and Replace: By using its SQL engine, SequoiaDB can be used like a traditional OLTP database. A lot of applications run on Oracle or Teradata in China’s companies, which cost them a lot every year for license and maintenances fee. Migrating some of their business from legacy database to SequoiaDB, it cut IT cost and improve overall performance without increasing development cycle.

2) Enterprise Content Management:

SequoiaDB ’s unstructured data storage engine brings new applications for distributed database.

• ECM: Most of traditional ECM solution employs resource storage like vSAN, and metadata storage like Oracle or DB2. Separating metadata and content makes it difficult to manage large amount of data, and the overall system performance got decrease significantly once the amount of data reach hundred-million-level. With SequoiaDB-based record / file dual storage engine, users can build a new generation of distributed enterprise content management platform, replacing the original IBM CM8, EMC Documentum and other expensive centralized content management software.

• Log Management: In addition to unstructured data management, SequoiaDB can also be used as a distributed log or other semi-structured data management platform.

With the unique technology features and the cutting edge enterprise solutions, SequoiaDB now has the ability to challenge the famous overseas competitors, and becoming an important composition of the global big data ecosystem.

About Us

SequoiaDB is a financial-level distributed database vendor and is the first Chinese database listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant OPDBMS report. SequoiaDB has recently released version 3.0.
SequoiaDB is now penetrating the vertical sector Financial Industry quickly and had more than 50 banking clients and hundreds of enterprise customers in industries including government, telecommunication, Internet and IoT.

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