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SequoiaDB, China’s Leading Database Vendor, Announces the B RoundFunding Led by DCM

July. 14, 2016

SequoiaDB, the leading distributed database vendor and big data solution provider in China, announced a$10 million series B investment led byDCM and followed byQiming Ventures, former investorof company’s A round funding.

Under the current winter of economy and capital all around the world, SequoiaDB’s B round fundingshows the industry’s recognitionand confidence to this big data infrastructure software company. And this investmentbecomes the largest fundingof all China’s distributed database companies.

SequoiaDB is the first enterprise-level new generation NewSQL database company in China, and a leading Big Data software/service provider around the world. SequoiaDB accelerate your application in BigData,offering organizations a new generation database platform designed to integrate, store, manage, and search more data than ever before.

As the announcing of B Round funding, SequoiaDB has also released the SequoiaDB 2.0 Enterprise recently. This new versionprovides the standard SOL2003 support, the duo-engine storage, and brand new disaster recovery etc. These enterprise-level functions exceeded competitors in Silicon Valley.

The co-founder of SequoiaDB, TaoWang indicates that SequoiaDB could help enterprises rapidly process cross-system data integration, processing and manipulation. Meanwhile, with the Spark 2.0, we now provide the integrated Big Data platform. As one of the 14 Spark distributions around the world, SequoiaDB will provide the enterprise solutions with high concurrency real-time computing, high throughput batch analysis and online streaming computing.

SequoiaDB mainly serves for business of the Enterprise-level customers, and has built practicablebusiness model. After the B roundfunding, the company will keep expanding the market scale and technology ecosystem. SequoiaDB will also cooperate with more vendors and partners, providinghigh-performance, efficient and practical solutions for enterprises.

SequoiaDB now has large amount of Enterprise-Level customers, and is widely used among industries like finance, telecom, government and Internet. The customers include many ‘Fortune 500’ companies like Minsheng Bank, Guangdong Development Bank, Bank of China and China Mobile,together withInternet companies in NASDAQ like Tuniu Corp and QIHU360.

DCM stated that though open source software arepopular, large enterprises still need mature and commercial products and the technical support of a reliable team. As one of the few big data companies that focus more on R&D of the core technology, the SequoiaDB follow the trend of Silicon Valley of Bigdata. SequoiaDB has a hardworkingand enthusiastic technical team with innovation, this is the key factor that a ‘to B’company must have. Therefore SequoiaDB has obtained achievements in Enterprise-level market in China that outperform many competitors of Silicon Valley.

A round investorQiming Venture points out that“ We hold positive look on the market of China’s big data software market. In the near future, we believe there will be Unicorn in this market. The product of SequoiaDB is now comparable tocompetitors inSilicon Valley and provides in-time and reliable service for customers. Therefore, SequoiaDB, as a new generation distributed database willfit the needs of practical and easy way with lowering the cost in Enterprise-Level bigdata application.’

Jiang Tao, the founder of pre-A investor GeekFounders,also praised SequoiaDB for its tech and product. “Thetechnology of SequoiaDB is leading in the industry, the mix and complementation between the distributed database and the analysis layer is the trend of big data fields in Silicon Valley, and SequoiaDB is the first company in China that meets this trend.

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SequoiaDB is a financial-level distributed database vendor and is the first Chinese database listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant OPDBMS report. SequoiaDB has recently released version 3.0.
SequoiaDB is now penetrating the vertical sector Financial Industry quickly and had more than 50 banking clients and hundreds of enterprise customers in industries including government, telecommunication, Internet and IoT.

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