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China Minsheng Bank and SequoiaDB reach strategic cooperation in the Big Data

Beijing China – Nov. 23, 2013

Today, Minsheng Bank Corp. Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as the “Minsheng Bank”) announced to sign a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the leading Big Data database supplier SequoiaDB Corp. Ltd (Hereinafter referred to as the “SequoiaDB”) to enhance the strategic partnership. Under the MOU, SequoiaDB will provide distributed NewSQL database (SequoiaDB) developed by SequoiaDB corp. independently and related Big Data solutions, and further cooperate with Minsheng Bank on areas of internet and finance at Big Data technology level.

SequoiaDB focuses on research and development of new models of distributed NewSQL database. SequoiaDB is the core software product (without using any open source database engine and code), which is designed and developed by former senior DB2 experts from IBM in North America. SequoiaDB 1.3 was released officially on April, 2013, (the latest version is 1.5), with Big Data solutions for industries that have to deal with mass amount of data, such as government, telecom, finance, electric power, internet and etc. SequoiaDB is serving some Fortune 500 companies in China, like famous banks, telecom and internet companies.

As the first bank to apply for Big Data technology, Minsheng Bank found out that the existing NewSQL products, like mongoDB, failed to offer enough enterprise-level functions. For example, they fail to support linkage with SQL and integrate closely with Hadoop systems. As a leader of enterprise NewSQL database, SequoiaDB commits itself to introduce NewSQL which has been applied widely in internet to enterprise markets. To cover the shortage of enterprise-level functions of most existing NewSQL database, SequoiaDB completely satisfy Minsheng Bank's technological needs for the next-generation Big Data platform with SequoiaDB's remarkable technology.

Yuan Chunguang, from Technology Department of Minsheng Bank, who is fully confident on the cooperation, stated: “The cooperation with SequoiaDB offers powerful data support for the information platform of Minsheng Bank. Minsheng Bank was trying hard to improve the informational data platform. The strategic partnership will lay a solid foundation for Minsheng Bank's Big Data and mobile internet strategy.”

“As a famous Fortune 500 company, Minsheng Bank is far ahead on information management and security in China. Through the strategic cooperation, SequoiaDB will help Minsheng Bank further strengthen its global leading position in Big Data and mobile internet with SequoiaDB's leading product and technology in the coming years.” said by Wang Tao, CTO of SequoiaDB.

As far as we know, different from the other NewSQL databases, SequoiaDB can fit well in the traditional enterprise IT environment, supplement many enterprise-level functions like SQL support and integration with Hadoop system, and run on IBM power machine as well.

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SequoiaDB is a financial-level distributed database vendor and is the first Chinese database listed in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant OPDBMS report. SequoiaDB has recently released version 3.0.
SequoiaDB is now penetrating the vertical sector Financial Industry quickly and had more than 50 banking clients and hundreds of enterprise customers in industries including government, telecommunication, Internet and IoT.

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